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If you live in Arizona, this is coming to your state because DCS refuses to comply with the law and won't give up their pay-to-play relationship with crooks calling themselves "non-profit", and they won't stop kidnapping kids with no warrants or probable cause (including across state lines).  They had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the point of admitting that they are being ripped off and claim they will re-write their contracts. Hey, don't just re-write the contracts, file fraud charges for false home visit reports, bogus diagnosis to increase revenues, holding kids hostage in foster care years beyond the federal limit instead of sending them home or to adoptions, bogus drug prescriptions, etc.  Stop putting kids into the hands of private agencies with connections to known pedophile organizations.  These are CRIMES, not "contract disputes".  Bring in the IRS and look at RICO charges against those who are conspiring with each other to do false billing.

Richard Manual - Arizona Child Advocate

DHS settles class action suit over foster care housing

My Turn: Motivated volunteers and court staff are giving their time, but they're hamstrung by the absence of a key player: DCS.

Rick Manual - Email to News Outlets


Letter written by Richard Manual to KVOA TV


Lawsuit: Arizona Dept of Child Safety Endangered 17,000 Foster Children

Report: 17,000 kids out of their homes in Arizona

Arizona accused of exposing nearly 17,000 children to 'unreasonable harm'

Adam Mada

Just watched your re-run of "Kids For Cash", the Luzerne County, PA. scam run by Judges, using kids fed to PA Child Care.  Same things with a different twist going on here in Arizona, where 19,000 kids are held hostage to profit private corporations fed by a state agency that snatches the kids with no court orders and parents can't get the kids back.  They feed the kids to ex-state employees who operate so-called "non-profit" agencies who use them in their foster care racket way beyond the 18 month federal limits, using a simple flipping scheme.  Lots of federal law violations and tens of millions of dollars in federal money stolen and we get absolutely no response from federal authorities. 






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