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New book: How Child Protection Services Buys and Sells Our Children

 Of Courts, Custody, and Believing Kids - Sam Hemingway

 - ROBERT COLEMAN - "AT THE MERCY OF THE STATE" - The Battle to Have Children Returned From State  Seizure

Bias against Women Alleging Abuse in Family Courts (video)

Living-in-spin - Rocker in custody war with fiend loving ex

(Also refer to articles A Little Girl's Hell & Jase Bouma Locked Into a Life of Misery by the Howard County, Maryland Family Court

HOW IN GOD'S NAME IS THIS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN TO CHILDREN - OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!!!! -> A Little Girl's Hell by Susan Goldsmith for New Times, LA

Dealing with the Family Courts

Whistle-Blower Jill Jones-Soderman of The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts Persecuted for Reporting Child-Abuse

The NFL Concussion Cover-up: Concealing Brain Damage in Football Players

On Blaming the Victim






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