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October 15, 2015 -   The Cannibal Courts: Rico Reigns In Howard County Maryland

January 13, 2015 -  Dozens of CPS caseworkers caught lying, falsifying documents

Statement on Government Agencies Dealing with Families & Children

(see link below) Animal rape has been a subject not mentioned or condemned for years and is still  an accepted practice in many societies and cultures. When children are raped and abused  family courts across the country  take accusations of a protective parent  or the child as a symptom of "BRAIN WASHING", "COACHING" "FRAUDULENT ACCUSATIONS". PROVIDING NO PROTECTION FOR THE CHILD AND THE PROTECTIVE PARENT. The protective parent and the child are vilified, discredited, treated as criminals - often jailed or committed to a psychiatric hospital under a judges order. The Foundation For Child Victims of the Family Courts - A NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATION has a particular expertise and trained staff/experts who deal with this matter in a highly aggressive manner.

Fulton man accused of having sexual intercourse with his 9-year-old pitbull

On the Subject of International Child Abduction



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